Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications unit is delivered to Postgraduate students studying on a Marketing Management programme.

This unit explores communication and promotional part of the marketing at organisations. Tools, strategy are all taught to be managed and integrated.

The unit is led by Elvira Bolat.

The unit has own Facebook page, something that most of the students all over the world are using to socialise and share content. These who do not have Facebook account, can still browse through the content of the page and read latest and interesting information regarding Marketing Communications.

In 2016 we have had very successful cohort. Students have worked on consultancy project for Dorset-based lifestyle brand Kudu Clothing and produced fantastic content as well as ideas which will be now considered by CEO Rob Reid for implementation.

2015 cohort’s journey:


In 2014 we have had very successful cohort, some of the interesting outcomes and highlights are recorded in videos below:


Press coverage:

My short placement at Durrell Conservation Academy in Jersey

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 19.08.05


BU students praised in Mauritius and Jersey for their marketing skills

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 18.36.28

Just a tester of one of the lecture sessions


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