Digital Interactive Marketing

The Digital Interactive Marketing (DIM) unit is offered to 2nd year students studying on Business Studies programme at the Business School, Bournemouth University.

The DIM unit is lead and run by Elvira Bolat.

It has own virtual space where information related to the DIM unit is shared, DIM blog. Latest trends, news around digital marketing, lecture slides and case studies can be found within the blog.

Updates from the DIM unit can also be found via the course Twitter account: @dimbsbu.


Second year in teaching and my students show amazing results. In 2015-16 academic year BA Business Studies students had participated in the IDM student competition 2016 as part of assessment for the DIM unit. Students have worked on developing digital marketing plan for Virgin Money Giving. The brief was challenging and over 40 UK HEIs have participated in the competition. Finally, in June 2016 two of four teams, selected as finalists, were BU teams. All finalists have presented their plans at the Virgin Money’s (VM) headquarters in London to the VM’s executive team on 30th June. Both BU teams were then announced as the winner and runner-upper. Details of the winning teams can be found under this external blog post: The winning team members have now received the following: a £1,500 team cash prize, work experience with the VM Giving marketing team and an exclusive dinner with senior executives from VM Giving.

Some other press-releases about BU’s success with IDM student competition:

London SEO Services Press Release, Featuring story on BU’s success as the IDM student competition 2016

Decision Marketing, Featuring story on BU’s success as the IDM student competition 2016


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